When Is it Time to Sell Your Collection?

The type of collection may vary; from antique militia figurines to stamps to comic books to baseball cards. You have not only invested time in them but also money. And as you look at them in pride (and like a proud parent), it pains you that you have to sell your prized collections. You might be struggling with some bills or probably an impromptu financial need arose. After making several inquiries and giving it much thought, you have come to this conclusion. But is it the right time? After all, no one wants to have remorse and a saddened heart. Well, continue reading and let us advise you on the matter.

In our experience, there are typically three scenarios that will make you sell your collection.


Most collections have a sentimental value attached to them. You might have been collecting the items with a family member or friend. And now every time you see your collection, you are filled with sad thoughts of your late father or friend. Then you should consider selling off your collection. Your mental health is also very important.



This is not only in terms of marital divorce but also other forms of divorce. Consider this: do you have the time to care for your figurines or collections? Caught up with the family or other responsibilities? Why don’t you sell them to someone who can show them the love and care that they deserve?


Finally, we have debt and loans. At the time of writing this article, it is a time of economic turmoil. Nothing is guaranteed. Households and individuals might be going through tough times. Your prized collection might be the lifeline you never knew you had all this while. Prized collections can fetch you quite a substantial sum to the right buyer.

Made up your mind?

If you have decided that you want to sell your prized collection, there are certain steps that we will recommend you consider.

  • Value of your collection. You might be desperate for some quick money. But don’t be quick to transfer the ownership of your collection without thorough research into the value of your figurines or stamps. They might be worth way more than what you thought. There is much information to be found on the internet. Look up online e-commerce sites like eBay. You can also consult dedicated sites and societies. Another possible option for the best price is to consider an auction house.
  • The right buyer. You might want to sell off your collection to another collector. They will ensure that your prized collection is kept in mint condition. Also, they might offer you a better price than a typical buyer. After all, they know the time and resources that you have possibly sunk there.
  • Sell in portions. When sold all in one, most buyers will be insistent on getting a discount. When sold individually or in installments, a buyer will pay more.