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How To Become A Professional Poker Player

Did you know you can make a living from just playing poker? Professional poker layers in the US earn approximately $19000 to $180000. This, however, requires years of experience and a lot of learning. Different games have different rules, hence require different skills.

Below are tips that can be of great help if you desire to be a professional poker player.

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Reasons You Should Change Your Instagram Password

In the current disposition, everything has been digitized, even your life. Your computer and your phone carry around sensitive information that can be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands. If you are working as a brand or for a company, it is possible that you have an account of social media, especially Instagram, that you apply to market your goods and services. It goes without saying that you must protect the information by all means.

One of the ways of doing so is by changing your password. It might seem like such a common and easy feature, but it goes a long way to bypass several dangers and also avoid malicious parties. Here, we will look into some reasons for changing your Instagram password that you should consider.

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family dollar survey

Family Dollar Survey Guide

When a business caters to end-users like a retail store or a restaurant, there are several aspects they need to supervise like conduct of salespersons, increasing their conversion ratio, convincing the customers to buy their products and avail themselves the services, and so on. As the consumer market is unpredictable, one cannot survive on the same business policies as devised during the start of the company. With time, these policies become obsolete and as a result, they prove to be the major causes of customers’ dissatisfaction.

That’s where the surveys come into the picture. In these surveys, the companies set some questions and urge the customers to answer them truthfully. Therefore, the surveys help businesses to learn about the possible flaws in their operations or business models and what areas they need to improve.

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Albertsons Survey Guide: Enter the Sweepstakes To Win $100 Gift Card

Surveys are a way to get feedback from customers by encouraging them to answer a few questions about their experience when they visited the store or a restaurant last. These survey answers help the companies to understand what their customers think and what areas need to be improved. If the majority of the surveys have complaints regarding customer service, the company will work on developing a strategy to introduce better customer service so that their customers won’t have to face such problems once again. 

To reward the customers for taking time out for the surveys, several companies provide them with rewards like gift cards, coupons, and so on. So, you should try out the Albertsons survey without making any delay. 

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TalkToGiant Survey

TalkToGiant Survey Guide to Get Started Now!

Customer feedback and responses play an important role in helping companies improve their services. Whether it is staff behavior, quality of the product, store setting, or cleanliness, everything impacts brand loyalty. The Giant, one of the leading names in the US, has been serving its customers for many decades. The company ensures that the Giant store customers are always happy with its products and services. The TalkToGiant survey is designed to gather customers’ feedback about the Giant store.

The Giant runs this survey for both, The Giant Store and The Giant Heirloom market. This is a drawing survey that gives the participants a chance to win a $500 gift card. The best part about this survey is that you don’t need to purchase from the Giant store to participate in the offline survey. For online participation, you can either log on to or However, you need to have the Giant Store receipt with you that has a 20-digit pin required to start the survey.

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Whataburger Survey

Whataburger Survey: Your chance to win a free Whataburger

No matter what a business is about, it cannot excel by ignoring customers opinion. To sustain and excel, businesses need to know what their customers think about them, and a customer feedback survey plays an important role in this. These kinds of surveys are done by many businesses today. Starting from food businesses to retail stores, surveys have become one of the main tools to know customers’ expectations better.

Moreover, since the experience of actual customers is shared on such an experience survey, it helps the businesses understand the areas of improvement clearly. As a result, they can work on resolving the issues at the earliest and increase customer satisfaction.

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KFC Store

Take the and Enjoy Free KFC Chicken!

Brand surveys concerning customer satisfaction have become a popular way to improve and meet customers’ expectations. KFC surveys help the company know about the level of customer satisfaction. Besides, these surveys help in improving the quality and sales of the brand. To gain maximum participation, there are attractive rewards like free fried chicken. MyKFCexperience survey is conducted by KFC via the website My, which is an official website of KFC for completing surveys.  If you wish to participate in the survey, here is all the information you need regarding the KFC survey. Let’s begin by telling you about the KFC survey rewards.

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Simplest Steps to Identifying Counterfeit Currency

Have you ever heard of Counterfeit Currency? If not, then knowing about it is crucial. It is the type of currency that is produced without the orders of the government. In other words, it can be termed as deceiving the government and the public. In other words, this currency can not be termed as real currency. In simple words, it is fake. Hence, it is a severe kind of fraud and has very severe punishment. Nowadays, many people are involved in fraudulent activities in a deliberate attempt to deceive the public. That is why it is crucial to know how to detect this kind of currency so that you can be saved from being deceived. If you are one of those who deal with a considerable amount of cash every day so is the most trusted bank with the latest technology to identify Counterfeit currency.

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How to Spot a Fake Coin?

If you take a tour of a museum or art center, you are bound to find a rare coin or two. Goldmasters coins & precious metals are of great significance and even greater monetary value. They hold a special place in history, denoting events and also giving meaning to certain actions of our forefathers.

Lately, there has been a concern raised by coin collectors, museums, and other numismatics – the issue of fake coins. For those of you in the industry, it is about time you armed yourself adequately. This article will give you some knowledge of how to bear these counterfeiters.


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