How To Manage Your Instagram Followers

Managing an Instagram account or any other social media account has been made easier by numbers. Other strategies also assist you to retain your followers, ensure you post relevant content for them and also get more followers in the process.

A lot of agencies and individuals assist people to gain and retain Instagram followers through Instagram growth service. This has helped maximize Instagram, as some people run these accounts for businesses or clients. Here, you can gain better reviews from your clients or share information on how to successfully manage an Instagram account.

In this article, we will analyze strategies you can use to ensure you maximize and manage well your followers and content on Instagram. Analytical tools such as buffer vs Hootsuite help you analyze how well your audience is responding to your content.

Use demographics  

This is an in-depth description of what your followers entail. This breaks down the gender, age group, and location. If you run an online shop for clothing. If most of your followers are women, it can only suit your business to sell more female clothes and less male clothes, and vice versa.

Your audience will find your content relevant to what they post, and they will stick around liking or reacting to what you post through commenting. This also gives you an insight into which audience to target and which hashtags suit your follower’s needs better.

Monitor your engagement curves

When you post content, you will notice on other days you will have more people interact with your content compared to other days. You will also notice there are more positive comments or more negative comments.

This helps you know what your audience likes. However, always remember you cannot please everyone on social media. You can always use strategies that best suit your audience.

In the comment sections, you also get a chance to interact with your customers while answering any questions they might have.

Use Hootsuite

Adding Hootsuite to your Instagram account gives you a chance to manage your account solo. This extension makes your work easier as it puts comments that need replies all in one place and when responding, you just click and respond.

It is user-friendly and easy to use. You can always try at any time and take advantage of the free trial given to newcomers.

Provide more information on the bio

Followers find it easy when you have your contact information displayed, making it easy for them to reach out. Especially for people who’d like to collab with you, you need to ensure their work is made easy.

Tip to use, always have a business email apart from your email. People can approach you with different intentions. In the process, you can get confused and not know what to do.

Use Buffer

If you often forget when to post your content, react to different messages or replies, the buffer was made for you. It allows you to schedule reels, photos, live sessions, or IGTV content. A notification is sent to you and if your content is ready, you need to click on the link to upload files.