How to Choose What Item to Collect

Aspiring to be a collector? You might have an impressive collection by a work colleague or friend of yours. The next question becomes: “What should you collect?” Looks simple enough, yes? It might be easy for some and not so simple for others. If you look at top collectors, you will find that everything from the typical to the extravagant can be considered a collector’s item.

Let’s take a look at some collection tips and rules that you can use as you create your new collection.

Collect that which you love

It is simple enough advice that will push you a long way. Collection, like many other things, tends to get mundane the more you spend time on it. Therefore, you must collect items that you are passionate about. If that’s not the case, you shouldn’t even start to begin with. Beginner collectors may start collecting items only to lose focus after a few months.

The rule applies even if you inherited a collection from someone else. If you don’t have the passion for that item, it ends up being a burden to you.


Another important rule with regards to the collection is to only collect what you can afford. Many collectors have fallen into this trap. When collecting strains your finances or the comfort of your loved ones, you should rethink it. Consider collecting to be a hobby/something that you can find for free.

On the darker side, collecting can fill either you or your loved ones with either guilt or contempt. The collection should not destroy the relationships that you have with your family or colleagues.

Collect what you can store

Try to put your head around the amount of space you will need if you were a car collector or art collector. You need to have acres of land to be able to entertain such a thought. Besides, the form and type of storage should allow you to constantly view your collection. Most collectors store their prized items in common areas such as the corridors or living rooms. That way, they can serve as showpieces.

No hoarding, please!

In connection to the previous “rule”, we have the issue of hoarding. Since you are passionate about the item being collected, it is easy for you to fill your storage space. Soon, the collection spills over to other parts of the house.

At such a time, it’s time to think about quality over quantity. Sort through your collection and determine which ones you want to retain. You can unload some of your prized items through e-commerce platforms such eBay or Amazon. In the current day and age, there are associations for almost every type of collection. Here, you are guaranteed to get better prices from men and women who love collections just like you.

The test of time

Choose collectibles that will be invaluable to you (and others) regardless of the timings. When stored with care and come the time to dispose of, you might get a sizeable sum.