How to Spot a Fake Coin?

If you take a tour of a museum or art center, you are bound to find a rare coin or two. Goldmasters coins & precious metals are of great significance and even greater monetary value. They hold a special place in history, denoting events and also giving meaning to certain actions of our forefathers.

Lately, there has been a concern raised by coin collectors, museums, and other numismatics – the issue of fake coins. For those of you in the industry, it is about time you armed yourself adequately. This article will give you some knowledge of how to bear these counterfeiters.


The U.S Mint has done a great job when it comes to sharing information. You can get information on the specific measurements for coins. This is with regards to weight, diameter, and thickness among other factors. The easiest dimensions you should consider are weight and diameter.

To weigh a coin, you can shop for a digital scale. The best for this kind of business is one that measures to at least one-hundredth of a gram i.e., 0.01g. For the diameter, you should use a pair of digital calipers. Ask for one that can measure to the hundredths of a millimeter.

Look out for the mint marks

An authentic coin will have mintmarks that are consistently in the same place. This is one of the alternative ways to spot a fake coin.

To use such a method, you should first perform thorough research. You should look into the signature mintmarks used for that particular currency. If the mintmarks are inconsistent, you should request paperwork. This will back up the seller’s claim of the coin is genuine.

The visuals

Another option when it comes to spotting fake coins is the use of a magnifying tool. You will be comparing the subject coin in question with an authentic one. So, you should have a genuine coin at hand. With the two and the power of a magnifying glass, you can spot the discrepancies almost instantly.

The law of opposites attracts

Most rare coins were made from gold and silver. Both of these elements are non-magnetic. In the presence of a magnet, a rare coin will not react. If you have a rare coin with you, why not give it a try?

Thermal conductivity

This is beginning to feel like a science class. These two rare elements, gold and silver that are very good conductors of heat. They conduct heat even better than steel or metal.

A rare coin can melt an ice cube quickly even at room temperature. If the ice cube melts at the normal rate, then you are dealing with a fake coin.

There are malicious individuals and entities whose occupation is swindling people of their hard-earned money. With the tips provided in this article, you are bound to find them out. Besides, you can also employ the services of a professional who specializes in coins and currency. Search for a reputable expert who has the experience and knowledge.