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Win A $500 Gift Card Just By Taking The Donatos Cares Survey

Donatos with the tagline “To serve the best pizza and make your day a little better” presents the Donatos cares survey that promises to make your day even better with a free $500 gift card every month and a $25 gift card every week. You can use this gift card at any of their outlets to order the best pizza and meals on your next visit to any of their outlets.

Being able to understand what a customer exactly wants is half the battle won in any food and consumer service business. This is exactly what Donatos aims to do with its unique Donatos cares survey that can be accessed on the website

In return, for your valuable time and effort in taking the Donatos cares survey, the company gives out winners of the sweepstakes a $500 Gift card every month and a $25 gift card every week, which is bound to make every pizza lover very happy.

The management of Donatos has taken considerable care in drafting the survey since it wants to implement the actual feedback provided by their customers on the look and feel of their outlets, the freshness and taste of their food, and their customer service. As a customer understanding tool, the management considers the results of the Donatos cares survey priceless and a big help.

Donatos Cares Survey rewards

To reward the survey respondents for their effort and time, Donatos offers more than one opportunity to win some great prizes. It has a weekly prize, wherein the winner of the sweepstakes will get a $25 gift card that can be redeemed at any of their outlets, and it has a mega monthly prize wherein it will gift a $500 gift card to the monthly winner of the sweepstakes. In other words, for the Sweepstakes, there are Weekly Entry Periods as well as Monthly Entry periods.

The $500 gift can be used in any of their outlets for a complete, majestic treat that is bound to impress your family and friends. Considering the fact, that you need to spend just a few minutes to complete the survey, both the prizes are amazing and worth for answering the Donatos Cares Survey.

Donatos Cares Survey Rules

Given the importance of the Donatos cares survey in implementing future growth decisions, the management has put forward some basic rules for all the participants. These rules also ensure that all Donatos customers and loyalists get a fair and equal chance to win the amazing prizes offered by taking the Donatos Cares Survey on their website

The company has also listed some compulsory requirements and restrictions for taking the Donatos Cares Survey. Read below.

  • You definitely need to be over 18 years of age to participate.
  • Being a legal citizen of the United States is a must. Residents of Arizona, Florida, New York, or Rhode Island are not allowed to participate in the surveys as per law.
  • Be able to understand and answer the survey questions in either English or Spanish.
  • Have or be able to access a device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop which has a working internet connection, as the survey is hosted online on the website.
  • Must have a recent receipt from any of the Donatos outlets with the survey invitation code printed on it.
  • Every survey invitation is valid for only one entry per month.
  • Every participant can only take part in one survey per month.
  • Survey respondents must not be an employee of the company or its ad agencies.
  • Transferring the prize to another customer or exchanging the same for cash will not be permitted.

Donatos Cares Survey Instructions

The survey has been prepared in such a way that it will take minimum time to complete without causing any inconvenience to the customers. All the instructions for filling in the survey are clearly mentioned in both English and Spanish on their website

Here’s a look at the easy, instructions you need to follow while attempting the Donatos Cares Survey.

  1.     To begin the survey, first visit the official website of the survey
  2.     The welcome screen will be in English. In case you want to complete the survey in Spanish, then please select Spanish as the language from the language option mentioned on the screen.
  3.     Enter the 16-digit survey code, which is mentioned on the Donatos receipt from your recent visit.
  4.     Read each question carefully and select the appropriate response based on your personal experiences only. Do not guess or consult others on the same.
  5.     Give your ratings as requested, along with your feedback and comments. Your feedback and comments will play an important role, so make sure you share genuine comments.
  6.     Once the survey is complete, you will be presented with a screen to enter your contact details. Make sure you enter your details completely and correctly, so that the company can contact you when you win the prize.
  7.     Once you submit your contact details, you will see a message confirming your sweepstakes entry.

About Donatos Cares

Donatos Pizza was founded in 1963 by Jim Grote and is popular for its pizza, subs, and salads. This restaurant has almost 200 outlets in ten US states; but most of them are located in Ohio. The survey is intended to help the Donatos management make important decisions regarding the future products and services they will offer at their outlets. As a token of their appreciation, they have decided to reward the participants of the Donatos Cares Survey with an opportunity to win some amazing gift cards.

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