Bidding Instructions & Auction Rules

  1. Registration     To bid with BST Auctions, you must first register at least one day prior to the closing date of the auction.   If you are not a registered bidder please go to our website at and follow the links for registration or “my account”.  Please call us at the BST Auctions toll free number at 1-844-2-BID-2-WIN if you are having any difficulties registering.  Registrations will not be reviewed/approved on the actual day of the auction.  BST Auctions reserves the right to reject the application of any potential bidder.
  2. Bidding     Bids may be placed online at or by using the BST toll free number anytime from the opening of the auction until 5:00 PM EST on October 202019 - the auction closing date.  To place a bid after 5:00 PM, you must have placed a bid on that item prior to 5:00 PM.  No bid retractions are permitted.  BST Auctions reserves the right to reject any bid. 
  3. Your bid is a contract     Placing a bid constitutes express acceptance of all terms and provisions contained in these Rules.  In the event of a dispute, the bidder agrees to pay all of the auctioneer’s reasonable attorney’s fees and cost involved in collection of funds, plus 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid balance, accruing from the original due date, until the date all balances are paid.  The jurisdiction for all litigation shall be in the State of Wisconsin, Kenosha County or the Federal District Court of Wisconsin at the discretion of the auctioneer.  Bidder hereby consents to the jurisdiction of Wisconsin.  Each term and provision of these Rules shall be construed as separate and distinct.  In the event that any such term or provision shall be held whole by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, in whole or in part, the remaining terms and provisions shall survive and be binding on both parties.
  4. Bidding Increments     Items will be sold to the highest bidder.  No cut bids (or bids between stated bidding increments) will be accepted.  Bidding increments are determined according to the following schedule:

    $25 for bids up through $499
    $50 for bids of $500 through $999
    $100 for bids of $1,000 through $2,499
    $200 for bids of $2,500 through $3,499
    $250 for bids of $3,500 through $4,999
    $500 for bids of $5,000 through $9,999
    $1,000 for bids of $10,000 through $24,999
    $2,000 for bids of $25,000 through $34,999
    $2,500 for bids of $35,000 through $49,999
    $5,000 for bids of $50,000 through $99,999
    $10,000 for bids of $100,000 through $249,999
    $20,000 for bids of $250,000 through $349,999
    $25,000 for bids of $350,000 through $499,999
    $50,000 for bids of $500,000 through $999,999
    $100,000 for bids of $1,000,000 and above

  5. Minimum Bids     Each lot will be assigned a minimum bid which represents the lowest amount that BST Auctions will accept as a bid. 
  6. True Bid™ bidding system     BST Auctions will employ a new to the industry online bidding format in which max bids placed by bidders will be known to the bidders alone.  Top all bids will not be accepted.
  7. Consignor Bidding/Shill Bidding     Consignors (or agents for consignors) are strictly prohibited from bidding on their own items.  Even if the auction software initially accepts such bids, bidding in this manner is a violation of law and fraudulent bidders will be subject to prosecution.
  8. House Bidding     BST Auctions, its employees, and any affiliates are not permitted to bid in any auction it runs.   Upon request from a phone bidder, a BST Auctions representative will enter a bid on that bidder’s behalf; however, no BST employees or any BST affiliates will ever bid in a BST Auction on their own behalf.    
  9. Reserves    
  10. Notifications     Bidders will be notified via email when the have placed a bid and when they have been outbid on an item.  BST Auctions cannot guarantee that bidders will receive these notifications.
  11. Grading & Assessment     Some auction items will have been assessed by third party authenticators using either numerical or authenticity labels/statements.  These assessments and those of BST Auctions are subjective.  BST Auctions will provide in lot descriptions the most honest and objective assessment of items.  For selected items, BST Auctions has opined as to the item's authenticity.  For these items on which BST has opined, any guarantee of authenticity (stated or implied) remains in place for a period of 12 months from the date of auction closing.  After this period of time, the guarantee expires.  Please contact us with any questions not addressed within the auction description.
  12. Auction Items     BST Auctions reserves the right to remove items or change the description of any auction item using the internet format.  These changes will be visibly noted in the auction description.  Neither BST Auctions nor its consignors make any representation that the purchaser of any item will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights thereto.
  13. Auction Close     The auction will enter into extended bidding on the final date after 5:00 PM EST.  At this point the auction will close when 10 minutes have passed without a bid on any lot in the auction.  All lots will close at the same time.  BST Auctions reserves the right to close the auction at any point after 5:00 PM; and the auction will not go beyond 12:00 PM EST.
  14. Winning Bids     Winning bidders will be notified by email following the close of the auction and will receive an emailed invoice within 48 hours.
  15. Buyers Premium     BST Auctions will utilize a variable buyer’s premium for this auction.  The percentage of the buyer’s premium will be calculated on an item-by-item basis and will be based upon the hammer price of that item.  The buyer’s premium percentage will be calculated according to the following schedule:   

                   from $0 to $2,500                                                                      19.5%

                   above $2,500 to $5,000                                                             18.5%

                   above $5,000 to $7,000                                                             17.0%

                   above $7,000 to $10,000                                                           16.0%

                   above $10,000 to $15,000                                                         15.0%

                   above $15,000 to $25,000                                                          14.0%

                   above $25,000                                                                            12.5%

  16. Shipping     $10 flat fee on all domestic lots, unless otherwise noted in the auction description.  International winners will be charged actual shipping costs.
  17. Tax     Wisconsin residents are required to pay state tax at their county’s rate or to produce a valid resale certificate.
  18. Payment     Full payment for all winnings is required within 14 calendar days of the auction close.  We accept Wire Transfer, Cashier’s Check, Money Order or Personal Check. The ownership of or title to any winnings will not be transferred until payment has been received and processed.  BST Auctions is a registered Wisconsin auctioneer.
  19. Returns     All sales are final, returns are not accepted.
  20. Delinquent Bidders     Winning bidders must submit payment in full for all items won within two weeks of the auction close date.  If payment has not been received within 14 days; BST Auctions may offer the lot(s) to the under bidder(s).  The original non-paying winning bidder at this point is responsible for any financial losses including legal fees.   
  21. Arbitration Clause     Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association.  The number of arbitrators shall be one.  The place of arbitration shall be in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Wisconsin state law shall apply.  Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.